1. What times are you available to hosts my child’s party?

Anytime! Our purpose built venue is ours! For our sole use, therefore we can host your Childs special day at a time that best suits your specific needs, Evenings, weekends, school and bank holidays are no problem to us!

2. How do I know that a Kids Go Karting party is the right party for my child?

Come and visit! We welcome parents and Children to come and visit our purpose built venue by appointment, and decide for your self, we are sure you won’t be disappointed!

3. Go Karting seems quite dangerous, will the children be safe on the go karts?

Yes! All our Go karts are fitted with remote safety cut-outs and seatbelts. Our trained party hosts are primarily there to insure your child and their friends have a safe fun party! Further more our karts are fitted with energy absorbing bumpers matched to our specifically designed go kart track that also has energy absorbing barriers! So yes! Your child and friends are extremely safe on our go karts.

4. Great the Go karts are safe! How fast do they go?

Our Go karts are limited to 6 mph, although that doesn’t sound very fast. When you’re aged between 3 – 10, seated 3 inches from the floor and you have four go karts racing together, we find the children think 6m.p.h is fast enough!

5. There are a couple of children that I wish to bring to my child’s party, however, although they are already three years old, I’m not sure they will be able to drive the go kart on their own.

No problem! If one or two children in a party can’t quite manage on their own, our party host can simply stand with them on the kart and help them to master the go karts.

6. What do you actually do during the ‘party time’?

We start with short but informative safety briefing where we explain about the simple do’s and don’ts and all about our karts, we then move on to let each child in the party have a quick go on the karts, to get used to the go karts and also so the party hosts can asses each child’s driving skills and give them help if necessary, we then move on to some driving challenges, i.e., slalom around cones, and if we feel suitable a relay race where the children have to catch the go kart in front to win!

Throughout the party the party host will monitor the skills and most importantly the enjoyment of the party children and only play games and driving challenges that the children enjoy.

7. What catering options do you provide?

We can cater the party for you! Our food option provides great value food for the children from £3.85 per head. minimum order of twelve required for our catering. Please see our catering option for more information.

Alternatively you can bring you own food and drinks, for a small fee and use our eating area, and not have to worry about the aftermath! As we will clean up for you!

However if you wish to travel elsewhere, within a mile of our venue there is a Mc Donald’s, Pizza Hut, Frankie and Benny’s, and a K.F.C!

8. Great that’s the Children sorted! What about the parents?

We have a small cafe at our venues serving tea, coffee and a range of soft drinks and light snacks to entertain the parents while the children are having fun!

9. What Facilities do you have to keep the children entertained when their not on the go karts?

During the party we keep the children on the go karts rotating quickly, not only to reduce the time the children are waiting for their next go but to keep the interest of the party children and to keep them wanting ‘more!’ In addition to this we also:

  • Provide a Nintendo Wii games console available for up to 4 players at a time
  • Provide colouring area and supply colouring equipment free of charge

Alternatively you can hire a party host to play party games with the children while they aren’t on the go karts, please contact us for further information.

10. Can the Children take anything from the KIDS GO KARTING experience away with them?

Yes! Every child that partakes in a party gets a kids Go Karting driving licence. We also give the Birthday boy or girl a gift from kids go Karting!

11. Is a Kids Go Karting party suitable for girls too?

Yes! Yes! Yes! Girls love go Karting as much as boys and have as much fun! Infact in girls are equally as good as the boys at our challenges if not better! Sorry Boys!

12. What does a Kids go Karting party cost?

Our prices start from £185, this includes complete hire of our purpose built venue, purpose built track and karts. Please be aware this is for sole hire of our venue not a mobile operation that has to make do with whatever facilities are available at the time of your child’s party!

13. WOW Kids Go Karting is perfect for my child’s special day! How do I book!

Fantastic! You won’t be disappointed! You can fill in our online form or give us a call! We require a deposit to secure your booking; we accept cash cheque or card. And don’t take a final payment until after your child’s party, (cash or card Sorry no cheques for the remaining balance)